New updates and improvements to Ultra.

Jan 24, 2024

AI powered compose, set your vibe with themes, mobile is born, help menus, and more!

🎨 Ultra Compose

It's finally here! Compose a native email or even a reply using Ultra's AI. It trains on your writing style and there's some quick options to generate variations if you need it.

 🎨 Custom themes

We know disrupting email doesn't just come with a dashboard. You gotta get the vibe right too! Now you can customize your dashboard's colors.

 🧐 Get the most out of Ultra with Help

Ultra's not just a new email client—it's a total different email experience. Check out the help section for some quick resources on how to get the most of your session.

 🤳 Mobile Experience v0

We know how high the demand is for a mobile experience, so we've broken ground. Hold tight this is still under construction! A native-app will be coming at you soon. 

↞ Reply-All Button

We added a reply-all button in case you prefer to use the mouse instead of pressing  enter . 

🔍 Shortcut Help Menu

Remember, Ultra is designed around using your keyboard. Now you can easily reference all the keyboard shortcuts from the dashboard. Hit   command + / or ctrl + / to see all shortcuts (meta, right?).

 📧 Actions Reminders Emails

If you haven't logged in to your dashboard in a minute, Ultra will send you a list of any Actions you may have missed while you were away!

 And that's it for this time folks! We're so excited to continue to make your email experience a joy.  

Dec 22, 2023

Rich Email Editing, Pinning, Threads, an Upgraded Assistant + more!

ℹ Better Formatting in the Assistant

The Assistant got face lift and support for rich formatting and tables. Go ahead, ask your email a question.

🧵 Complete support for Threads

Email threads show up in an easy-to-read stacked format.

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

You can navigate through your Emails and Actions and quickly perform things like:

  • Mark as Done (E)

  • Reply (R)

  • Forward (F)

  • Open the Assistant ( / )

  • Send Emails (Cmmd+ ENTER)
    and more!

✍️ Rich Email Editor

The email editor has all the editing capabilities you've grown to expect. Go ahead, bold those words!

🗂️ 'Important Emails' tab

Ultra automatically separates Important emails from everything else, with two new tabs on the home page— Important and Other

📌 Action Pinning

Save Actions for later by pinning them at the top of the list.

✅ Marking emails as Done

Use keyboard shortcut: E to mark as Done and clear emails off of your screen. But don't worry, they're not gone forever!

🎼 Compose Emails

You can now compose new emails directly from within Ultra, with AI powered email writing coming up soon.

📆 Calendar support is back

Your Calendar and Email is back in the same dashboard. Click on the widget in the top right corner to pull out your calendar.

🏷️ Smart Labels

Smart labels are assigned to all your incoming emails for easy filtering. Labels will learn from your inbox and start to be automatically created as new topics appear in your inbox.

 📧 Sent Emails Box

There’s a dedicated section for sent messages so you can quickly see all the outbound messages you’ve sent.

🌉 Paste Images In Composer

You can now quickly paste images into the email composer, allowing you to include images in your sent emails.

🔍 More Sender/Receiver Deets

We now show additional information on the email viewer, including the sender's full address, and time and date at which the email was sent.

🧹 Auto-Clearing old Actions

Any Actions older than 10 days old are hidden by default.

💅 Design improvements throughout

The app design has approved across all areas. Lookin' slick!

🏃‍♀️ Speed improvements throughout

The app should feel snappier across the board — we spent a lot of time on making sure the app is working as efficiently as possible

Oct 3, 2023

Native Calendar Invitations, Viewing Attachments, Better Email Viewer

📧 Marking emails as read automatically

When you dismiss an Update or complete an Action in Ultra, we automatically mark the related email as “read” for you. 

📆 Native Calendar Invitation Support

Your calendar invites will now appear natively in the app. This means that you won’t have to see Actions with the title “respond to calendar invite” anymore.

📎 Viewing Attachments

You can now view any attachments that came with an email.

⌗ Enhanced Email Viewer

We now show additional information on the email viewer, including the sender's full address and the precise time and date at which the email was sent.

🐞 Bugs squashed

Fixed an issue where dismissing an Update/closing an Action would cause the browser tab to close.

Sep 26, 2023

Instant OTP/Magic Links, Realtime Dashboard, and more

🕹 Realtime Dashboard

The entire dashboard now renders in realtime — Updates and Actions will render in as they’re being created.

🔐 Instant OTP (One Time Passwords) and Magic Links

OTP/Magic Links now automatically appear at the top of your dashboard. SMS forwarding coming soon.

🐞 Bugs squashed

- Fixed issue with the account switcher where clicking an account in the avatar dropdown would cause the account list to get messed up
- Links in the email views will now always open in a new tab
- Dismissing Updates/Actions won’t flood your screen with notifications so you can click away without clogging up the screen
- More mobile design improvements to enhance accessibility on mobile

Sep 10, 2023

New Spotlight & Metrics Pages, Redesign Update Forwarding, and more

🔦 Spotlight

There’s a whole new page titled “Spotlight” — the goal of this page is to show the user the most important thing in their inbox

📀 Metrics

There’s a new page titled “Metrics” where you can see stats around your email:

  • How many emails you’re getting

  • How many Actions / Updates are getting created as a result of your emails

📩 Beautiful New Forwarded Email Design

The display for Forwarded emails has been redesigned based on user feedback.

📤 Shareable Update Page when forwarding an Update

The link in the email can be used to directly view the forwarded email, providing a convenient and shareable Update page.

🤠 Other Updates and Improvements

- The link in forwarded updates can be used to directly view the email, providing a convenient and shareable Update page. 
- The reply button on Actions will now be displayed at all times.
- Updates now display only the top 5 bullet points.
- Completed Actions will be automatically removed after 2 minutes.
- A tooltip will appear when hovering over the Dismiss button.
- Counts will be displayed next to the Updates and Actions headers.
- Bullet points on Updates are now automatically shortened.
- Windows/Linux users can use the ctrl+shift+right/left  shortcuts to easily switch between accounts. 
- Issues with email rendering have been resolved.
- Tooltips and a toast message have been added to upvote/downvote buttons.

Sep 3, 2023

Replying, Forwarding, Multi-Account, and more

📧 Replying to Actions & Updates

Capability to send replies to emails related to an Update or Action directly in the app by pressing the letter 'r' when you have an Update or Action open.

💡 Auto-Categorized Actions

Actions are now automatically categorized depending on what needs to be done. Some examples include 'Reply,' 'Review,' 'Follow up,' 'Accept,' and 'Explore.' When there is a verb at the start of an action, it is color-coded to distinguish it from other actions.

🎛️ Multi-Accounts

Capability to add multiple accounts to your dashboard for easy account switching. There’s also a shortcut to switch between accounts by holding down the Command + Shift buttons and then using your left arrow and right arrow key to shift between accounts.

🔗 Links are clickable in Updates/Actions

Links in Update or Action descriptions are automatically parsed so you can quickly click and visit the link.

📧 Forwarding Updates

Capability to forward your update to someone, even if they don't have an Ultra account. This feature is intended to be used to share an informative email, which includes a preview of the Update.

🪪 Moving from Ultramail → Ultra

Rebranding of the app to Ultra.

⚡️ Improved Updates and Actions

  • Clicking an email on the 'Related Emails' list displays it on the view on the left-hand side instead of sending the user to

  • Related emails are now ordered from newest to oldest

  • Renamed the 'Complete All' button to 'Dismiss'

  • Clicking 'Dismiss' will complete instantly, with the actual API call being handled in the background, which makes the app feel much faster

  • A toast is shown when an Action is dismissed, providing the user feedback on the click

  • Removed the 'i' icon from the list of items

  • The updates' bullet list is now displayed directly inline

  • The related email is expanded by default

  • Actions that are older than 10 minutes and are completed are now hidden

  • The action link is now always displayed on the Action list, if there is one, for quick access

  • Actions are now correctly ordered from newest to oldest

🎨 Dashboard layout

The welcoming message is now above the events column, which gives the app more vertical space. The feedback button now matches the 'Glance' and 'Inbox' buttons and is aligned horizontally with those two buttons too.

Imagine a world without inboxes.

Imagine a world without inboxes.

Imagine a world

without inboxes.