Rich Email Editing, Pinning, Threads, an Upgraded Assistant + more!

Dec 22, 2023

ℹ Better Formatting in the Assistant

The Assistant got face lift and support for rich formatting and tables. Go ahead, ask your email a question.

🧵 Complete support for Threads

Email threads show up in an easy-to-read stacked format.

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

You can navigate through your Emails and Actions and quickly perform things like:

  • Mark as Done (E)

  • Reply (R)

  • Forward (F)

  • Open the Assistant ( / )

  • Send Emails (Cmmd+ ENTER)
    and more!

✍️ Rich Email Editor

The email editor has all the editing capabilities you've grown to expect. Go ahead, bold those words!

🗂️ 'Important Emails' tab

Ultra automatically separates Important emails from everything else, with two new tabs on the home page— Important and Other

📌 Action Pinning

Save Actions for later by pinning them at the top of the list.

✅ Marking emails as Done

Use keyboard shortcut: E to mark as Done and clear emails off of your screen. But don't worry, they're not gone forever!

🎼 Compose Emails

You can now compose new emails directly from within Ultra, with AI powered email writing coming up soon.

📆 Calendar support is back

Your Calendar and Email is back in the same dashboard. Click on the widget in the top right corner to pull out your calendar.

🏷️ Smart Labels

Smart labels are assigned to all your incoming emails for easy filtering. Labels will learn from your inbox and start to be automatically created as new topics appear in your inbox.

 📧 Sent Emails Box

There’s a dedicated section for sent messages so you can quickly see all the outbound messages you’ve sent.

🌉 Paste Images In Composer

You can now quickly paste images into the email composer, allowing you to include images in your sent emails.

🔍 More Sender/Receiver Deets

We now show additional information on the email viewer, including the sender's full address, and time and date at which the email was sent.

🧹 Auto-Clearing old Actions

Any Actions older than 10 days old are hidden by default.

💅 Design improvements throughout

The app design has approved across all areas. Lookin' slick!

🏃‍♀️ Speed improvements throughout

The app should feel snappier across the board — we spent a lot of time on making sure the app is working as efficiently as possible