AI powered compose, set your vibe with themes, mobile is born, help menus, and more!

Jan 24, 2024

🎨 Ultra Compose

It's finally here! Compose a native email or even a reply using Ultra's AI. It trains on your writing style and there's some quick options to generate variations if you need it.

 🎨 Custom themes

We know disrupting email doesn't just come with a dashboard. You gotta get the vibe right too! Now you can customize your dashboard's colors.

 🧐 Get the most out of Ultra with Help

Ultra's not just a new email client—it's a total different email experience. Check out the help section for some quick resources on how to get the most of your session.

 🤳 Mobile Experience v0

We know how high the demand is for a mobile experience, so we've broken ground. Hold tight this is still under construction! A native-app will be coming at you soon. 

↞ Reply-All Button

We added a reply-all button in case you prefer to use the mouse instead of pressing  enter . 

🔍 Shortcut Help Menu

Remember, Ultra is designed around using your keyboard. Now you can easily reference all the keyboard shortcuts from the dashboard. Hit   command + / or ctrl + / to see all shortcuts (meta, right?).

 📧 Actions Reminders Emails

If you haven't logged in to your dashboard in a minute, Ultra will send you a list of any Actions you may have missed while you were away!

 And that's it for this time folks! We're so excited to continue to make your email experience a joy.