New Spotlight & Metrics Pages, Redesign Update Forwarding, and more

Sep 10, 2023

🔦 Spotlight

There’s a whole new page titled “Spotlight” — the goal of this page is to show the user the most important thing in their inbox

📀 Metrics

There’s a new page titled “Metrics” where you can see stats around your email:

  • How many emails you’re getting

  • How many Actions / Updates are getting created as a result of your emails

📩 Beautiful New Forwarded Email Design

The display for Forwarded emails has been redesigned based on user feedback.

📤 Shareable Update Page when forwarding an Update

The link in the email can be used to directly view the forwarded email, providing a convenient and shareable Update page.

🤠 Other Updates and Improvements

- The link in forwarded updates can be used to directly view the email, providing a convenient and shareable Update page. 
- The reply button on Actions will now be displayed at all times.
- Updates now display only the top 5 bullet points.
- Completed Actions will be automatically removed after 2 minutes.
- A tooltip will appear when hovering over the Dismiss button.
- Counts will be displayed next to the Updates and Actions headers.
- Bullet points on Updates are now automatically shortened.
- Windows/Linux users can use the ctrl+shift+right/left  shortcuts to easily switch between accounts. 
- Issues with email rendering have been resolved.
- Tooltips and a toast message have been added to upvote/downvote buttons.