Replying, Forwarding, Multi-Account, and more

Sep 3, 2023

📧 Replying to Actions & Updates

Capability to send replies to emails related to an Update or Action directly in the app by pressing the letter 'r' when you have an Update or Action open.

💡 Auto-Categorized Actions

Actions are now automatically categorized depending on what needs to be done. Some examples include 'Reply,' 'Review,' 'Follow up,' 'Accept,' and 'Explore.' When there is a verb at the start of an action, it is color-coded to distinguish it from other actions.

🎛️ Multi-Accounts

Capability to add multiple accounts to your dashboard for easy account switching. There’s also a shortcut to switch between accounts by holding down the Command + Shift buttons and then using your left arrow and right arrow key to shift between accounts.

🔗 Links are clickable in Updates/Actions

Links in Update or Action descriptions are automatically parsed so you can quickly click and visit the link.

📧 Forwarding Updates

Capability to forward your update to someone, even if they don't have an Ultra account. This feature is intended to be used to share an informative email, which includes a preview of the Update.

🪪 Moving from Ultramail → Ultra

Rebranding of the app to Ultra.

⚡️ Improved Updates and Actions

  • Clicking an email on the 'Related Emails' list displays it on the view on the left-hand side instead of sending the user to

  • Related emails are now ordered from newest to oldest

  • Renamed the 'Complete All' button to 'Dismiss'

  • Clicking 'Dismiss' will complete instantly, with the actual API call being handled in the background, which makes the app feel much faster

  • A toast is shown when an Action is dismissed, providing the user feedback on the click

  • Removed the 'i' icon from the list of items

  • The updates' bullet list is now displayed directly inline

  • The related email is expanded by default

  • Actions that are older than 10 minutes and are completed are now hidden

  • The action link is now always displayed on the Action list, if there is one, for quick access

  • Actions are now correctly ordered from newest to oldest

🎨 Dashboard layout

The welcoming message is now above the events column, which gives the app more vertical space. The feedback button now matches the 'Glance' and 'Inbox' buttons and is aligned horizontally with those two buttons too.